Is it Thursday?

oh no wait… it’s pantless Thursday. Almost accidentally put some on… Advertisements

Movies, Movies, Movies…

Well I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately and with the majority of our house renovations complete I’m at liberty to catch up on those “bucket list” movies I’ve always wanted to. Now I’m not claiming any of these movies are Oscar movies but that’s not what I’m into for…

Swimming in To-Do Lists

I keep trying to write a first post on this blog and get distracted by life. Did you know that stuff is everywhere? You can’t avoid it… Well you can but that volunteer program is frowned on. Anyways. Due to my recent Employment Re-Allocation Program participation I seem to be making a lot of lists….

Optional title eh?

Random stuff will be said here.. i promise.. just got to get my shit together… I didn’t even know it’d had fallen apart..