Happy International Coffee Day!



ah crap… it’s Friday

I’ve learned two important things in the last half-hour (maybe 3)

1. whatever I post to my wordpress blog is posted on my twitter, facebook and google+ page
2. it’s apparently Friday so I’ve either missed Pantless-Thursdays or have taken Casual Fridays to the next level
3. I’ve got nothing


Movies, Movies, Movies…

bournehannahThe Fast and the Furious

Well I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately and with the majority of our house renovations complete I’m at liberty to catch up on those “bucket list” movies I’ve always wanted to. Now I’m not claiming any of these movies are Oscar movies but that’s not what I’m into for movies. I’m looking for entertainment.

I remember when i got into reading in my teens and flew through many, many Stephen King novels. I love his writing. Now I know in the greater scheme of things there are more revered writers out there but King has a way of making you feel comfortable. And he can sure create some amazing characters (I’m looking at you Trashcan Man).

I’ll never forget a brief interview with King I read where King said he wasn’t a picky viewer/reader. He simply wanted to be entertained. That’s one of the reasons (I’m told) that he allows others to buy his scripts for $1. Now that may be why we have such a wide range of quality in King films. Think of Shawshank or Stand By Me… then think of Sleepwalkers (i’m sorry if you loved it, i can remember hating it).

So all that said here’s the movies I worked through this past month:

The Fast & the Furious series. These films really surprised me. I always dismissed them because out here on the East Coast of Canada all we saw after the first film were Honda Civics with terrible mod jobs. Like everywhere. It was ridiculous. I remember one kid has his hood spray painted mat black to look a carbon fiber hood. Jeez! The characters were great and Vin Diesel, already being a favourite of mine from Pitch Black/Riddick, did a great job in the films. The supporting cast was awesome too and the way they placed Tokyo Drift at the end to lead into the upcoming Fast & Furious 7 was brilliant. Rest in Peace Paul Walker. One hell of a series to be remembered for.

The Jason Bourne series. I’d seen the before and was a huge fan of the books. The movies have barely anything to do with the books. The films (spoilers) centered around Jason Bourne and the agency that created him. The books were about why he was created (to hunt the infamous thief the Jackal, this never came up in the films). I was a little worried about the last film, The Bourne Legacy, as Matt Damon wasn’t in it. But Jeremy Renner was the lead and was a very pleasant surprise (since Avengers I think this guy will be the next big action guy). The film was absolutely great, integrating itself into the Bourne universe. I strongly recommend these movies.

James MacAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. Great film, fun special effects, interesting mythology.

Mission Impossible series. Well.. this venture was a dud. Sorry. I have fond memories of the first movie and watching it again it was good. Not great. The second film was a big pile of steaming crap. It started out strong but ended with the dumbest action sequence. It’s almost as if John Woo just gave direction over a satelite phone from the Amazon rain forest. Yes, there’s slow-mo scenes. But that’s it. The third film was a little better. The fourth, Ghost Protocol was decent. A much better story and action sequences. If they make another it’d better have Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames in it. or it’s doomed.

Salt. So I was on an Angelina kick. Another great film. Good twist. Did I mention it has Angelina in it?

Just finished this this morning. Love this movie. Wish there was more. Eric Banna and Cate Blanchet take a back seat to this little killer of a girl. Wow. Recommended.

Well, there you have it. And while I’m writing I’m watching Drive Angry with Nick Cage. I used to love him. But it’s been a hard road for Mr Cage (don’t ever ever ever watch Ghost Rider 2, seriously). I’m sure I’ll get more movies under my belt in the months to come. If you have any suggestions (preferably series) post them in the comments.


Swimming in To-Do Lists

I keep trying to write a first post on this blog and get distracted by life. Did you know that stuff is everywhere? You can’t avoid it… Well you can but that volunteer program is frowned on.

Anyways. Due to my recent Employment Re-Allocation Program participation I seem to be making a lot of lists. Mainly “To Do” lists for anything from laundry to resume building. The best list I’ve made so far is the below. Enjoy and watch for more random musings.

when To Do lists go wrong
when To Do lists go wrong