Wow.. “about me”… that’s a doozy. How do you surmise what you can’t even answer? Let’s keep it simple.

I’ve been somewhat creative all my life. I love writing (or at least coming up with the concepts) for many stories. I love to draw but have never been trained. I feel I’ve somewhat plateaued in that respect. I mainly keep my art to cartoons, doodles and some basic fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Nothing stellar, just enough to get my ideas across.

I love video-games and they’re easily my favourite hobby. I’d love even more to make them and have a plethora of ideas/concepts. Now comes the real challenge. Learning how to make them.

I’m sarcastic and far too heavily influenced by televisions, movies and comic books throughout my life; often cracking inappropriate jokes for the sake of the laugh. And maybe that’s it right there. I like to entertain.

When I was in my teens my closest friend, Graham, and I wanted to create an entertainment company; Organized Chaos. We enjoyed the NES and SNES era of games and were always thinking about the games we would design.

I’m challenged constantly by my procrastinating tendencies. So i have to start somewhere…. and this tiny corner of the internet. The equivalent of a bathroom wall in a crappy bar.. is where I’ll graffitti my wacked-out ideas… and art.. and anything else I come up with.

Thanks for reading, sorry if it hurt your brain. You probably need to drink more water. I get that all the time.