The Flash

The Flash, the new superhero spin-off of Arrow, is hands down the best new show on TV. Now I know, everyone has their own opinions but.. ahem… you’re wrong. Where Arrow’s main character is a lost-on-an-island-for-five-years-billionaire Barry Allen, the titular hero, is more relatable. He’s a geek, much like Spider-Man’s Peter Parker, with all the same insecurities that speak to a wider audience. He loves his powers. He has fun and the viewers are taken along this exciting ride of “what-if”. What if I had those powers? Green Arrow trains for years under brutal conditions to be a honed superhero. But he doesn’t have actual super powers. The Flash’s powers are spontaneously granted and he takes us with him, learning his new abilities and pushing his limits. All while having that smart-ass, again Peter-Parker-like, youthful disposition. I’m excited to see where the series will go. Reportedly the first episode’s ratings beat those the Arrows first season opener. Of course, Arrow paved the way and audiences from its 3 season-so-far run are most likely viewers of CW’s The Flash.

It’s a shame the lead, Grant Gustin, will not be cast as The Flash in DC’s upcoming films. Of course, when it comes to the films and TV shows, Marvel has paved the way and made it a difficult act to follow in terms of long-term planning and cross-overs.

The Flash is currently airing season 1 and we’re 6 episodes in at the time of writing.



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