My little project

So in between all this Netflixin’ (it’s a word) and domestic engineering (aka doing laundry and the dishes) I’ve been trying to teach myself Gamemaker. As the name suggests this program helps you to train tiny elephants to serve you.. wait.. oh sorry, i was reading the back of the wrong box. This program simplifies the video game making process. Which, if you’ve ever spoken to me, even briefly in passing, you’ve known is a dream of mine. Seriously that hobo last week that asked me for some change got an earful about my gaming passion. Poor guy gave me change to go away.. but I digress.. as I always do.

After today’s coding practice and graphic work I just had to post the first mock-up screen from the game I’m working on. Realistically you’ll probably never play the completed game because [spoilers!] it’ll probably never be finished. But I’m learning a lot and really enjoying milestones like today’s.

Now all that to show you a single screenshot of the game, here:


the cool part (for me) is that the character can actually walk/run back and forth, jump AND he can change to face the direction he’s moving. This may not sound like much but when you’re working with coding and you’ve never gone to school for it, every success is a huge celebration (in your head, I can’t afford streamers and cupcakes everytime I make a new platform block)

I suppose you’re wondering what the games name is right? Well, I’m probably at risk of someone stealing it but I’d rather work out in the open (my goal is to entertain people not make money*)

The title is: Nick’s Odyssey, or the Gastro-Intestinal Adventures of Fart-Boy

Of course I’m sure you have many more questions like, how does he fart if he’s only a head? and what’s those pieces of bacon doing in the upper-left of the screen? Are you gonna eat those? Cuz I’ll eat those.. just sayin’. All your questions will be answered (or not, remember I’m a procrastinator). But if you’re interested in more message me and we’ll chat.

*please note, I’m not opposed to money. Stacks, piles, bags, bins, wads.. you name it send it my way. I’m just saying I’m not doing this for money.. but wouldn’t it be an awesome full time job?)

That’s all for today folks, thanks for reading.



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