Xbox Games with Gold – November 2017

Well it’s November 1st and as reward for surviving the Night of Too Much Candy (seriously, I’m still twitchy) Xbox Gold Subscribers get access to new games. For Xbox One we have Trackmania: Turbo. For Xbox 360 (and backwards compatible on Xbox One) We have NIGHTS into dreams, a remake of a Dreamcast (?) game….

Max Payne 3

Went back to the 360 library yesterday and decided to finally work on Max Payne 3. Pleasantly surprised ūüôā I’ll let you know how it goes


Great finish to an Xmas gift-card (thanks Mom ¬†& Dad)! Spin-It had a 25% off sale (didn’t know when I went in). Picked up these 3 for $9

Current Background

In an ongoing effort to write something I thought I’d share my current phone background. I didn’t draw it nor do I recall where I found it but here’s what my Note II is currently sporting. What’s your current background?

The Flash

The Flash, the new superhero spin-off of Arrow, is hands down the best new show on TV. Now I know, everyone has their own opinions but..¬†ahem… you’re wrong. Where Arrow’s main character is a lost-on-an-island-for-five-years-billionaire Barry Allen, the titular hero, is more relatable. He’s a geek, much like Spider-Man’s Peter Parker, with all the same…

My little project

So in between all this Netflixin’ (it’s a word) and domestic engineering (aka doing laundry and the dishes) I’ve been trying to teach myself Gamemaker. As the name suggests this program helps you to train tiny elephants to serve you.. wait.. oh sorry, i was reading the back of the wrong box. This program simplifies…

More Movies, Shows and Time Devourers (pt1)

Well for the fun of it this morning I thought I’d update my latest “Time Devourers” as I’ve begun calling them. More movies, TV shows and games! Anyone who knows me knows I play¬†waaaaay too many video games for a 35-year old father of one. But I’ve come to terms with my maturity peaking at…

ah crap… it’s Friday

I’ve learned two important things in the last half-hour (maybe 3) 1. whatever I post to my wordpress blog is posted on my twitter, facebook and google+ page 2. it’s apparently¬†Friday¬†so I’ve either missed Pantless-Thursdays or have taken Casual Fridays to the next level 3. I’ve got nothing